Anemia causes in males and females:

Anemia causes in males and females:

Anemia causes in males and females:

Anemia causesThough anemia appears an unfussy disease yet it could in reality get lethal. For that reason it is exceedingly important to make out anemic cases so that appropriate treatment could be carried out in a timely manner. In males a value of 13.5 gram per 100 milliliter is considered normal whereas in females a value equal to or greater than 12 gram per 100 milliliter. Any value less than these values are measured as anemia.

Anemia can be a warning of a risky causal condition hence should never be overlooked.
Though in males, the stores of iron are by and large better than in females for the simple reason that the latter exhaust it via the monthly menstrual cycles; however, in males anemia does occur and could be due to any of the following causes.


o        Smoking :

{Smoking not only causes the diminution of oxygen levels in the bloodstream but also opposes the assimilation of necessary dietary nourishment like folic acid, ascorbic acid etc.

o        Too much intake of liquor

Given that liquor is a pick me up sort of drink hence its excessive intake can be part of the cause of vitamin deficiency anemia as well as inflammation anemia.

Hey men! Oops….. Gentlemen! Don’t take more than two drinks per day……Yeah we mean it!

Hey ladies you too!

o        Insufficient nourishment e.g. an inadequate intake of vitamin B12 ,folic acid and iron etc

[ Folic acid is needed for the creation of RBCs but our body is incapable of stockpiling it hence we need a continuous availability of folic acid in the form of green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach,kale,broccoli,cabbage,lettuce.]

Green leafy vegetables are also rich in iron and so are prune juice and dried fruits. Oatmeal and soy products are rich in vitamin B12.

o        The intake of too much aspirin/NSAIDs over an extended period of time

o        Repeated intake of synthetic steroids

o        Recurrent intake of antibiotics

o        Long-lasting loss of blood such as from a hemorrhagic sore such as hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers etc

o        Hemolytic anemia: It is caused by the rift of red blood cells due to immune reactions, toxic substances and contaminates.

o        Unexpected blood loss due to a mishap such as a roadside accident

o        Infestation by bed bugs

o        Malabsorption syndrome, which occurs due to excision of part of stomach/intestine

o        Kidney failure

o        Malfunction of bone marrow to create RBCs

o        Several types of malignancies especially that of colon

o        Chemotherapy for treatment of malignancies

o        Hereditarily conveyed anemia e.g.thalassemia,aplastic anemia, sickle cell anemia


Anemia causes in females:

  • Heavy menstrual flow
  • Pregnancy

(When the quantity of Hemoglobin in the blood is less than eleven grams per deciliter during pregnancy, the pregnant female is considered to be anemic)

It may not be out of place to mention here that if the anemia during pregnancy is slight, it is well thought out as insignificant hence needs no treatment as such. However if the pregnant lady suffers anemia due to iron deficit, it needs to be treated categorically.

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